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Larry Kotzen – EyeCandy’s Optometrist

Larry Kotzen, EyeCandy’s expert optometrist has over 25 years of experience in General family Optometry, Difficult contact lens cases, Behavioral Optometry and Children & Pediatric Optometry.

EyeCandy’s Optometry Services

Your Eye Health is our primary concern. We make use of the latest high-tech optometry equipment to not just test your vision but also give you an indication of the health of your eyes.

Eye Testing

Visit EyeCandy Optometrist to have your eyes expertly tested by Larry Kotzen or book a contact lens fitting with Larry.

EyeCandy can assist with soft, dailies, hard, kerataconus contact lenses or cases where contact lenses might be difficult to fit like post-op eye conditions.

Lab on Site EyeCandy offers a 1 hour service on single vision glasses or 2 – 3 hour service for single vision sunglasses.

Eye Health

Visit Larry Kotzen for an eye health consultation. Have a
Glaucoma screening (detection of raised intraocular eye pressure) or
Fundus photography for pathology screening of the retina, which will detect signs of ocular disease, hypertension or diabetes etc.

Our Wide Range of EyeCandy Opticals

Visit our store to be expertly fitted by one of our eyewear consultants who can match the find the right EyeCandy for your face. In Hyde Park Corner branch you’ll find a wide selection of boutique optical frames.

Optical Lab

Walk in, get tested and have a new pair of glasses fitted while you shop.  In our on-site optical lab we offer a 1 hour service on single vision glasses or a 2 – 3 hour service for sunglasses.

EyeCandy’s Collection

EyeCandy Optometrists stocks the latest fashion in optical frames from brands like Theo, Lindberg, Dita and many more.

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