Miu Miu is an Italian High Fashion women’s clothing and accessory brand and a fully owned subsidiary of Prada. It is headed by miuccia Prada and headquartered in Milan, Italy.

From its inception in 1993 Miu Miu was a private territory of expression and a creative playground, fittingly christened with Miuccia Prada’s family nickname. At a time when Prada was at its most minimalist, Miu Miu offered a counterpoint: a sensual, rebellious take on dressing-up.

Early shows were staged in New York, London and Milan, but the world of Miu Miu crystalized when the label first showed in Paris in 2006. Embracing both couture savoir-faire and refined experimentalism, Miu Miu explores fashion as a rarefied form, giving elegance and sophistication a new and twisted meaning. Diverse inspirations, playing on masculine and feminine, historic references and a jilted modernity come together unexpectedly.

Miu Miu’s communication strategy is inspired by its design point of view. Its groundbreaking advertising campaigns with cutting-edge photographers are looked forward to each season.
More than just ad campaigns, the campaign artwork adds nuance and subtext to the collections themselves, the depth and variety conveying the complex layers of the Miu Miu woman. The attempt is to define a fluid, uncontrived, even contradictory vision of modern femininity.

Occupying some of the world’s prime retail positions in cities including New York, London, Paris, Milan, Tokyo, Beijing and Hong Kong, Miu Miu’s global boutiques are the bricks and mortar embodiment of the experimental spirit of the brand. Conceived as continually evolving sets, the shops suggest a dramatic but playful attitude to shopping and dressing up.

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The Miu Miu glasses collection addresses a sophisticated, free-and-easy clientele particularly attentive to new trends. It expresses an alternative style, always characterized by a strong personality. The Miu Miu brand is urban, young, sophisticated and sensual, an alternative vision, a “new classic”.
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