Pramaor, an eyewear company founded in the Belluno district of Italy in 1971 has created a design philosophy “neomadeinitaly.” Each frame is completely manufactured in Italy and is based on the concepts of design “par excellence” and craftsmanship. The objective is to focus on the search for innovative materials and eco-friendly elements. In addition to Blackfin, Pramaor produces Bioeyes, which is also distributed in the U.S. by Villa Eyewear. 

“Blackfin is targeted to contemporary men and women who wish to express themselves through minimal, sophisticated accessories. These frames enhance the personality of the wearer through combinations of colors, finishes and laser engravings that produce a distinctive aesthetic effect,” says Ilario Sfoggia, CEO, Villa Eyewear. 

Under an exclusive distribution agreement with the Italian-based Pramaor, Villa Eyewear introduces Blackfin to the U.S. Market. The collection consists of 12 styles featuring pure titanium fronts and ultra-flexible beta titanium temples, and four styles with acetate fronts. Frames are extremely light, weighing only 9.5 grams. Acetate designs feature adjustable 0.5 mm beta titanium nosepads. Patented PVC bridges provide a wider range of fitting options. Two recent additions to the line, La Rochelle and Clearwater, are equipped with Swordfish temple tips developed exclusively for Blackfin. The tips are made of rubber with a core of beta titanium designed in the shape of a swordfish bone. Tips feature a three-step break system so ECPs can shorten temples from 145 mm to 140 mm or 135 mm in a few seconds by eliminating one or two sections of the core and temple tip

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Latest Blackfin Ladies Eyewear

Blackfin Bayswater 690

Blackfin Colwyn

Blackfin Bayswater 688

Blackfin Helgafell

Blackfin Victoria

Blackfin Stavanger

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Blackfin Wheeler

Blackfin Hudson

Blackfin Anchorage

Blackfin Norman

Blackfin Westcott

Blackfin Spectrum


  • An eyewear designed for those who want to see the world from a new point of view and continue to look ahead. Always.


  • where it is not important to stand out, but to be truly oneself. We are well aware who and what we are: daring visionaries who want to stay in the front row, because we do not want anybody else to make decisions for us.


  • Blackfin is the quintessence of uniqueness. An eyewear entirely designed and built by us, far from any stereotype and designed to enhance the personality of its wearer: starting from the surface treatment, the utmost attention paid to the finishing, up to the temples which are adaptable to every face.

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