For over thirty years, Anne et Valentin has designed eyewear frames in the spirit of constant renewal of form and color. The story of Anne et Valentine is a true love story. A practical optician husband (Valentine) wedded to an artsy design wife (Anne). From their humble beginnings in Toulouse France in a small optical shop, they started a French optical revolution. Avoiding the trappings of designing boring and pedestrian frames for the masses, Anne et Valentin family team centered their approach on creating glasses and sunglasses for INDUVIDUALS. Each collection tells a unique story and each story is based on real people.

A fine example of such a collection is the FACTORY series. The inspiration came from art (specifically Andy Warhol’s studio named the Factory). Each frame comes in a rainbow of color that symbolizes the Pop Art movement spearheaded by the famous artist. Instead of finely polished frames, they use a variety of matted textures to create a sense of a finished frame that complete yet playfully unfinished. The end result is eyewear that truly touches the human spirit.

Anne et Valentin creative use of geometric shapes dares to go where other eyewear companies fear to tread. Fun, playful, and uniquely seductive, French Anne et Valentin glasses and sunglasses are produced in factory nestled in Jura in the French Alps.

Fashionistas the world over have embraced the Anne et Valentin brand for prescription and nonprescription eyewear. The strength of this eyewear brand is that it is embraced by people who have a true sense of themselves rather than the follow the beaten path of celebrity endorsements and adulation.


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